Spinny Beginner Class – .01

What else could be the reason why I have only attended spinny classes a few times? Of course I always found it hard! I’m giving it another shot because I thought I should be able to do something on the spinny pole for routines. Not that I am planning to compete. I’ve been into poledancing for 5 years so I should just try everything it has to offer.

The first class was just as bad as how I remember it. I got dizzy within the first 15 minutes of the class. But I will attend more because I remember that it was also like that when we first tried our spinny hoop. It took some time before we could do tricks in aerial hoop while spinning without turning white. I suppose adding a beginner spinny class also had a lot to do with how I convinced myself to do it again. I just hope it gets a little bit better but for now I just want to try it as often as I can and if it doesn’t work out then I’d stop.

Wish me luck?


Stellar on Reel

1-IMG_8520I’ve so many reasons why I have to see Stellar, the annual student recital. First, I have always been a fan of this art form and it never gets tiring even for me who has seen many pole shows. It is always entertaining. Tricks are given new life with choreography just as students transform into roles they play. Secondly, creativity on stage goes far beyond pole tricks and dancing. The costumes, hair and makeup keep getting better. Many students also work on their costumes and overall look by themselves. It’s fun to see how they improvised props and design costumes which can still allow them to get on the pole.

I’ve been a participant the past two years meaning I didn’t get to appreciate other numbers because I was too stressed over my own. I also get to support my friends, teachers and classmates by cheering and seeing the end product of their hard work.

Lastly, I was also one of the photographers. I did not hesitate when I was contacted to cover it despite my injury. It’s always a pleasure. Proud poledancer! haha

Here are select photos from the event. Cheers!

Here, I can’t quite hide that I’m very happy about my media pass!


Coccydynia in Manila: Physical Therapy

This post will be all about the physical therapy session addressing coccydynia (pain in the tailbone area). As I’ve said, this series of posts will be a documentation of the accident, injury and hopefully quick recovery. After ruling out fracture when the X-ray results came out and after finishing prescribed medicine, I was still having problems so my doctor advised 6 PT sessions.

A PT session costs 618 pesos and lasts an hour and would include the following:

  • 5-minute ultrasound
  • 20-minute infra red light
  • 15-minute electrical muscle stimulation
  • 3 short exercises

The cubicle is private but two are in a room separated by curtains. This is more than enough except that you might also get seen when people get in and out of the other room. Of course it wouldn’t have bothered me if only I didn’t have half of my butt exposed for the treatment. My therapist did a good job though in making me comfortable the whole time.

If I’m going to complain about anything, it would be on how the receptionist pressed me into those sessions. So I had the piece of paper with all the instructions from my doctor and I handed it to the receptionist. What he did was put it under the table, got a notebook and wrote my name for all 6 sessions for the schedule. This to me is entrapment. He didn’t say how much it costs and how long it takes. He didn’t ask for my preferred schedule and he didn’t even ask if I wanted to schedule all 6 right there and then. What’s worse is he’s got the paper so I don’t have anything on me if I decide to have it elsewhere. If I changed my mind, it would mean cancelling all those keyed in appointments and demanding for that paper which would be quite stressful. I suppose he’s just busy but really I am a paying for these services after all.

Anyway, I’ll talk about my other tips on PT sessions soon.

Coccydynia in Manila: Costs

As I’ve said in my previous post, a fall resulted to coccydynia (pain in the tailbone area) and I will be working on a series of posts about my recovery so that others may also learn from my experience. As of now I have only started with my physical therapy sessions so I will be updating this post as the bills pile up.

If there is anything I learned from my past injuries, it is that you should never take them for granted. Ignoring an injury does not make you stronger, it only makes you stupid and regretful later on. Keep in mind that your threshold is not always in sync with your body. Sometimes you feel you can take it but your body is actually already taking a beating. Have it checked by a professional because the costs of chronic pain is a bigger burden or worse irreversible. Never scrimp for health because it’s not worth it.

Having said that, let’s see the damages so far.

  • 1000 pesos consultation fee (initial diagnosis, prescription, X-ray request)
  • 1600 pesos X-ray
  • 190 pesos  10 capsules of generic brand (19 pesos each)  (65 pesos each/650 in total for branded medicine)
  • 1000 pesos consultation fee (progress after the prescribed medicine, ruling out fracture, physical therapy referral and specifications)
  • 3708 total for 6 physical therapy sessions (618 per session)

Apart from the financial costs, there’s also the difficulty of not being able to sit for long periods of time. Several trips to the clinic is also time consuming. Most importantly, I’m quite an active person so when everything came to a halt it was such a big blow. I want to cheat and go to the gym or something but really I don’t want to make it worse so I comply.

Up next is the detailed account of the physical therapy session.

Coccydynia in Manila I: Introduction

I recently injured myself from a fall resulting to coccydynia (pain in the tailbone area). I fell off the hoop which was about 6 feet high and my cousin who coincidentally had the same problem after falling on her butt while ice skating. I heard it’s fairly common in households (slipping in the kitchen or falling from a ladder or a chair while getting something from the shelves). Documenting everything is quite therapeutic but yeah maybe this series of posts can also serve as a guide for others who are anxious about their condition and recovery.

June 4 I fell.
June 7 I played flag football with difficulty.
June 8-13 I had regular pole and hoop classes but avoided sitting positions and bending positions.
June 14 I played football with almost no difficulty.
June 15-18 I had full pole and hoop classes but still avoided tricks where my tailbone will be in contact with the floor or the hoop.
June 19 Some moves from a light dance class triggered the pain and was even worse.
June 20 (Saturday) I went to two hospitals (Philippine Orthopedic Center and St. Luke’s) and was frustrated that there were no doctors available.
June 22 (Monday) I went to East Ave only to find out that all doctors will not be in for at least 3 weeks. I went to St. Luke’s and found out that 2 more doctors will not be in for at least a week. And the only doctor who was in had no more slots available so I reserved for the next day.
June 23 (Tuesday) I finally see a doctor. She gives me medicine and hands me a request for an X-ray.
June 24 I got my X-ray results.
July 9 I went back for another checkup and my doctor advises that I undergo 6 physical therapy sessions.
July 13 I had my first physical therapy session.


It was actually this pose that triggered the pain but I know it is the fall that really did the damage.

Up next, costs!

Summer Unli: Forced Rest

It’s my first unli summer without the intention of joining Stellar so I was excited how much I can learn without being stressed about the show. But then, my plan backfires after only a week of unlimited aerial classes. I don’t even care about the money. I just worry about how hard to stop doing physical activities abruptly and how hard it is to get back.

11119672_10153356319178905_1621833276_n (2)
While I wasn’t really learning anything new in hoop classes and I’m still too scared to brush up on silk classes, pole classes have been rewarding. I’ve reviewed ayesha, reverse ayesha and humming bird that are all tricks I’ve been avoiding despite being taught to us the first day we got promoted to Intermediate 1. I’ve been learning a lot of new tricks like this shoulder mount split which is a combination of strength and flexibility. Lastly, I finally did several holly drops. It was a trick I never wanted to do again because I have fallen from attempting it before. I asked some classmates to help me overcome my fear. I didn’t but I managed to do it!
And then I manage to fall off the hoop and get coccydynia (pain in the tailbone area). Imagine how inconvenient it is for me to have such a debilitating injury. It’s not the first injury that forced me to stop training but that doesn’t mean it’s less frustrating.

It hasn’t even been a week yet I feel like I’m old, sad and fat. Hahaha! I just want to get better and get back as soon as I can. Teachers and classmates, do wait for me!

Pole Dance Classes

I’m not any good I know but I let myself attend pole dance classes sometimes. I just think it’s better to do something about it rather than rant about how it doesn’t come naturally to me. I feel lost in most classes especially fast-paced ones. I feel like the best I can manage is a split-second off from the steps that is if I could follow at all. But teachers and students are forgiving and supportive so not being good at it becomes tolerable.

I often catch myself shaking my head wondering what the hell I was doing eththat class. I tell myself it’d be the last one in my life but soon I’m back in an awkward stance and a big grin. Not that I hate dancing. I love it so much in fact that it got me into poledancing. I don’t know how to explain it. I like freestyling to music I love and I am quite confident that I can choreograph. For some reason I still feel I don’t have rhythm and I am not so good at keeping up with other’s choreo most especially to music that I don’t like or I’m not so familiar with. I’m bad at memorizing and it’s always confusing whether I’m going left or right. But anyway I think the level of skill or passion is irrelevant. It’s sure you’re going to pick something up in class so you’ll never be stagnant. Plus if you feel like dancing then you go do it because it does not need reason.

So the recent dance class was too hot. haha! Don’t know how to embed the video just yet so for now, a link!